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Paramesu Biotech Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of starch powder that finds application in various industries like food, paper and packaging, Pharma,textiles, bio-polymers and maize by-products.

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State of art infrastructure, equipped with in-house production capacity for 500 Tons

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With over 6 years of experience in catering to various industries, meeting custom specifications, today we stand as experts in the starch industry

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Corn wet-milling is a process of breaking corn kernels into their component parts.

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We offer highly customized products as per your requirement across all our verticals

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We are certified and ensure we fully comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO: 18001, ISO 22001, FSSAI & Halal Standards in our end to end processes

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Manufactured in compliance with various industry specific standards


Maize or corn starch is a typical starch with distinctly low protein and ash content. The carbohydrate content of high purity makes it a versatile ingredient in Food products like bakery & confectionary, Dairy Industry, Processed food like noodles and pastas, Soups & Gravies and snacks to name a few.


The viscosity of Maize starch being one of the most important properties is used as a binder and filler for tablets and fillers

Paper & Packaging

In order to improve the quality of paper for writing, printing & packaging purposes maize starch is used to increase the bonding strength. Starch is also used to make adhesives used in manufacture of cartons and boxes as it increases the bonding capacity of the adhesive. The adhesives are easy to apply and quick to dry.


Starches are used in the textile industry for sizing, scouring, and stiffening of fabric like cotton, nylon, viscose, polyester, etc. We can manufacture all types of starch according to our customer's requirements at very competitive prices.


We offer custom made starches for bio polymer industry like Mosquito coils, Charcoal Briquette, Fire crackers, etc and is predominantly used as a binder, stabiliser or thickener. We also manufacturer specific starch for Gypsum board manufacturers

Maize-By Products

We offer custom made MAIZE BY PRODUCTS LIKE DORB HI PRO, Maize Broken, Germ Fiber, Fiber, Maize Gluten, Maize Germ

The Best Brand

Paramesu Biotech is the best known brand in India for high quality maize starch by-products.

A leading Exporter of Starch Products

If you are looking for corn starch manufacturer in India, Paramesu Biotech is the best choice.