Maize Gluten

Maize Gluten

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50 KG Net packed in printed HDPE woven bags

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Maize Gluten

Corn Gluten feed is a by-product of the wet milling of corn to produce cornstarch, sweeteners, oil and other products. Corn Gluten is a fiber-rich ingredient, containing significant amounts of nutritious protein and starch. It is used as a feed additive in cattle diets as a source of energy and protein that is beneficial to digestion and absorption. It’s the only effective natural pre-emergent herbicide in turfgrass industry.


Rich protein content
Longer shelf life
Easy to digest


Corn Gluten Feed is commonly used as a medium level protein and energy source. It is used as follows:
It is used in the feeding of ruminant animals (milch cows)
Used in the feeding of poultry
Also used in the feeding of pigs
Corn gluten is used in the feeding of fish
It is used in the feeding of pets (dogs, cats)

Moisture content, Percent by mass, Max10.0
Crude protein content, percent by mass, min60.0
Hydrolysable %, max25.0
Fat % on dry basis; max4.0