MSP – IP/ BP / EP Grades

Maize Starch Powder – IP/ BP / EP Grades


Maize Starch Powder-special quality is available in IP/ BP / EP Grades.
Manufactured in the most modern plant under good manufacturing practice to suit the requirements of Pharmaceutical and Food Industries as per IP/BP/EP standards.
It is a fine White Powder, odorless, taste slight and characteristic and microbiologically suitable as Pharmaceutical grade, useful in Pharmaceutical and Food Industry as a binder, thickener, disintegrating agents in tablets and various other formulations.


Prepare a smooth mixture of 1 g of it with 2 ml of cold water, stir it into 15 ml of boiling water, boil gently for 2 minutes, and cool: the product is a translucent, whitish jelly.

Iodine water slurry of it is colored reddish violet to deep blue by TS.


50 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner
500/850 KG Jumbo Bags
25 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner
25 KG Paper Bags with inside polythene liner

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Maize Starch Powder – IP/ BP / EP Grades

Maize Starch Powder is used in Pharmaceutical industry drugs and medicaments are required to be taken in small but accurate doses in the form of pills and tablets. Starch is used because it is bland, odorless and capable of digestion.
Maize Starch Powder is used as an instant binder, disintegration agent during tablet manufacturing

pH of 20% solution4.5 – 7.0
Loss on drying, max8.00
Residue on ignition%, NMT0.5
Iron%, max0.002
Oxidizing substances %, max0.002
Sulfur dioxide , % , max 0.008
Organic volatile impurities Absent
Microbial limit tests
Total bacterial countNMT 1000 CFU/ Gm
Total fungal countNMT 100 CFU/ Gm
Escherichia ColiAbsent
Salmonellae speciesAbsent
AcidityNot more than 2.0 ml
IronNot more than 40 ppm
FluorescenceNo fluorescence should be visible under screened ultra-violet light.
Oxidizing substancesNo distinct brown or blue color is observed
Sulphated ashNot more than 0.6%
Loss on dryingNot more than 15.0%
Microbial limit tests